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Cyber Monday = FREE SHIPPING

It's a good day to visit my etsy store HERE for all your laminated cotton projects - Lots of remnants available too at discounted pricing.

New laminated cotton slicker from Robert Kaufman

New laminated cotton slickers from Robert Kaufman fabrics just arrived - "I Love Flats" and "WIDE aqua chevron" by Ann Kelle and "Jungle Creatures" by Amy Schimler-Safford and have been added to my etsy store here

Laminated cotton basics from Riley Blake just arrived to the store

Just added a bunch of laminated cotton basics from Riley Blake fabric - including chevron, medium and small dots - and solids to my etsy store here. Here's a collage of the new ones Enjoy! Deb

Laminated cotton Carnival Bloom by Louise

Look what Louise made using Carnival Bloom laminated cotton. Louise sells most of her items via facebook here Shipped today to Christina, Sharra, Melissa H, Julie C, Ann Kelly, Erica H, Angela G, A Clark, Cara, Sarah G, Trisha D, Eileen D, Loryn H, and Amanda B. Carnival Bloom laminate can by purchased in my etsy store here

New laminated cotton fabric prints - coated with PUL - Kumari Garden

Think waterproof crib sheets and changing pads - or bibs, raincoats and diaper covers. These prints have been laminated exclusively for my etsy shop here. Kumari Gardens

Teja in Pink

Tarika in blue

I only have 30 yards of each - so if you like them be sure to stock up

Mustache LAMINATED cotton fabric - Geekly Chic

Been waiting for months and months for this EXCLUSIVE (my store only) LAMINATED cotton to arrive. It's listed in my etsy store here. ... A Geekly Chic black mustache print on cream background. The laminate is on the surface (print side) with the same awesome laminate used on all their fabrics. You can even machine wash/dry (gentle and test first) - remember cotton shrinks, so it changes the texture a bit.

I'm also carrying just a small bit of the unlaminated coordinates too in case those are needed for your projects.

Laminated cotton fabric - GLAMPING by Mary Jane's farm

It's here! Mary Jane Butter's Glamping fabric in LAMINATED cotton! All the LAMINATED prints are available in my store now... just search within the store for "GLAMPING" for all 6 prints available. The link to the store is